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Allograft Processing Technology

What is NanoXposeTM Processing Technology?

NanoXposeTM technology is an advanced allograft processing method that not only effectively removes unwanted blood, lipids and antigenic materials from the processed tissue but also exposes the natural nanotopography of bone. NanoXposeTM processing also exhibits strong bactericidal and virucidal properties and has a proven record of clinical effectiveness.

Benefits of exposing the Nanotopography?

The nanotopography of native bone is exposed utilising NanoXposeTM processing, this phenomenon is not seen in traditionally processed allografts and has unique features. The exposure of the nanotopography of bone will result in the increase in bone surface area, permeability and porosity. The increase of these features results in an allograft that has enhanced vascularisation and improved cellular response. Causing faster healing times and superior bone regeneration.

NanoXposeTM treated
AllovanceTM Crunch

Traditionally processed allograft bone

What is PureCleanseTM Processing Technology?

PureCleanseTM technology is an allograft processing method that effectively removes unwanted blood, lipids and antigenic materials from the processed tissue.

Why does it work so well?

PureCleanseTM processing technology has been developed by Australian Biotechnologies over several years to ensure that the removal blood, lipids and other unwanted proteins occurs throughout the allograft. A series of soaks using gentle chemicals removes the superfluous and unwanted debris from the surface. Followed by a low temperature, high pressure exposure to super critical carbon dioxide (CO2) which penetrates deep into the inner microporous structure of bone. CO2 is considered one of nature’s best and most benign solvents due it being non-toxic, non-flammable and chemically inert in nature.

Benefits of PureCleanseTM Processing Technology?

Since PureCleanseTM avoids the use of high temperatures or harsh chemical rinses unlike other processing methods, the result is a clean, pure, biocompatible matrix structure with optimal osteoconductivity. The allograft can be implanted directly to the surgical site with no carriers added and therefore significantly reduces the risk of inflammatory responses for the patient.