Clinical Papers

Australian Biotechnologies is an innovative and progressive company focusing on improving the quality of Allograft products available to the Australian market.

Allovance® Crunch is processed with NanoXpose technology to produce a 100% natural, nano surface exposed, Australian made allograft that is used diversely in both Orthopaedic and Spinal surgery.

Allovance® Crunch has a clinically proven track record with no incident of any adverse effects or recalls. All Australian Biotechnologies allografts are backed by Australian Research.

Allovance® Fibres/Hybrid/Fibre Mat are now available for human clinical use. The fibres are processed with Australian Biotechnologies’ PureCleanse technology and available frozen or freeze-dried.

For ease of use the Freeze-Dried Fibres are offered in a graft Xpress delivery device containing fibres only or as a premixed optimum ratio of 50:50 (Allovance® Hybrid) with Allovance® Granules.

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