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LifeHealthcare Partnership

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Australian Biotechnologies announces a new partnership with LifeHealthcare to provide clinical support and distribution for the Australian Biotechnologies Spinal Allograft Range.

LifeHealthcare Group Limited has today acquired the rights to provide clinical, in-hospital support for the Australian Biotechnologies Spinal Allograft Range, from Point Blank Medical Pty Ltd. The Directors of Point Blank Medical, Zack Khan and Ertan Ozer, will remain will remain involved over the next six months to ensure a smooth transition for their existing clients.

LifeHealthcare Chief Executive Officer, Matt Muscio, and Australian Biotechnologies Chief Executive Officer, Simon Berry, welcome the new partnership that ensures that Australian Spine Surgeons receive expanded clinical support, as Australian Biotechnologies releases the new AllovanceÒ Allograft Range, which includes 5 new bioactive specialty fusion allografts.

Key Highlights:

  • The partnership provides LifeHealthcare entry into the bone repair allograft biologics market in Australia, estimated at over $100 million per annum.
  • Access to over 125 surgeons using Australian Biotechnologies Spinal Allograft products.
  • Australian Biotechnologies receives an expanded team of spinal specialist reps to roll out the new AllovanceÒ Spinal Allograft Range and Custom Allograft Range.
  • It will strengthen the platform for further organic expansion of allograft biologics.

About Australian Biotechnologies

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