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Australian Biotechnologies Pty Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is located in Sydney, Australia. As a specialist in allograft tissue processing, Australian Biotechnologies delivers optimal solutions for all clinical biologic and allograft requirements, to supply allografts for a wide range of patient needs and surgical procedures.

Supplying allograft solutions for orthopaedic, spinal, dental and oral-maxillofacial surgeries both nationally and internationally, Australian Biotechnologies’ world-class manufacturing facilities and proprietary processing technology have become renowned as the gold standard of allograft production.

Through development of pioneering processes, cultivation of the highest level of quality standards, and a measure of success based on patient outcomes, the company has grown steadily year-on-year since its foundation.

During a 22-year history, Australian Biotechnologies has successfully introduced and launched numerous new allograft and biologic products, and to date has supplied over 150,000 allografts to the Australian community.


Honouring the gift of donation, Australian Biotechnologies manufactures and distributes life enhancing allograft tissue products for the Australian community.

We are committed to developing and providing ongoing community education programs, thereby increasing awareness of the benefits of tissue donation.