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Enhancing the lives of Australians
through the lasting gift of allografts.

20 years

Founded in 2000, Australian Biotechnologies honours the gift of donation through processing, manufacturing and distributing life enhancing allograft tissue products for the Australian community.

We are committed to developing and providing ongoing community education programs, thereby increasing awareness of the benefits and supply of tissue donation throughout Australia.

10 years

ongoing support for our Donation Partners NSW OTDS, ACT Health and ATDN

Our Donation Partners

Australian Biotechnologies respects the wishes of tissue donors who provide the ultimate lasting gift by supporting organisations in Australia who retrieve tissue from donors.

  • ACT HEALTH | Donate Life
  • NSW HEALTH | Organ and Tissue Donation Service
  • Australian Tissue Donation Network

Australian Biotechnologies’ partnership with these organisations extends beyond the manufacture of allografts. Each year we provide these partners with education, scholarships and mentoring opportunities, which strengthens the ability of key team members to contribute positively to this very important public health sector and in turn share their knowledge.


to on-going Research
and Development

Collaborating with the University of New South Wales and Australian Hospitals

Our Patented Technology

To date we have completed approximately 30 Studies with the University of New South Wales. Through our research we have developed a new sterilisation and cleaning technology known as Super Critical Fluid (SCF CO2), which has allowed us to offer allografts with advanced bone remodelling. Our two SCF CO2 processing technologies are:


a. PureCleanseTM avoids the use of high temperatures or harsh chemicals, resulting in a clean, pure, biocompatible matrix structure with optimal osteoconductivity.

b. NanoXposeTM an advanced allograft processing method that not only effectively removes unwanted blood, lipids and antigenic materials from the processed tissue, but also exposes the native nanotopography of bone. This provides an increase in bone surface area and permeability, leading to potentially faster bone healing.

Since 2010 we have also developed the following:

  • a demineralized bone matrix technology
  • a freeze-dried allograft range that provides convenience of storage to hospitals and lowered delivery costs
  • tendons and ligaments using SCF CO technology 2
  • machined and custom made allografts specific to patient needs for spinal and orthopaedic surgery

2. Our Fibre Technology

Our demineralized fibre technology is 100% bone and is available in different configurations which provides excellent handling and potentially inductive properties.



supplied to date

Our Facilities

We gained our TGA licence to process, store and distribute donated human bone and tissue in 2004. Since then we have invested in the constant innovation and capability of our state-of-the-art cleanrooms and proprietary processes.

We are governed and audited by the Therapeutic Goods Association and require compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice at all times. For this reason, our quality control process is multi-faceted and thorough to ensure that all allografts leaving our facility are to the highest safety and efficacy standards.



have received an Australian Biotechnologies’ allograft

Together with our Tissue Donation Partners, we have provided innovation, facilities and capability to process, adapt, transform and distribute allografts ready for implantation. This ensures donor wishes are honoured and a lasting gift is available to all fellow Australians. To date, 63,604 Australians have received an allograft as a result of working with our donation partners.


use Australian Biotechnologies’ allografts

We have further invested in our clinical partnerships to provide the much needed support to surgeons and their specific patient requirements.


hospitals nationwide, with 4,000 allografts currently on consignment

Allograft Availability

Australian Biotechnologies have further invested in a distribution network which has supplied over 300 hospitals nationwide, with specialty freezers containing various types of consignment allografts, available to any surgeon at any time. This range includes orthopaedic and spinal allografts for various applications.

In addition, Australian Biotechnologies have also provided dental and maxillofacial surgeons with a range that is specific to their applications


clinical nurse specialists

are trained each year


We educate 200 clinical nurse specialists each year, through a monthly education program. This is an intensive 1 day program that not only explains the gift of donation but also the role of our Tissue Donation Partners and the processes the bone and tissue undergo to be viable, compliant allografts for implantation. The clinical nurse specialists receive a tour of our facility and are provided with the clinical requirements for safe handling and preparation of the allograft before and during the procedure. Our in-services team are currently taking this program to hospitals around the country, making it more accessible to all clinical nurse specialists, hospital and operating room staff.