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Carbon dioxide (CO2), under the right temperature and pressure conditions, becomes a super-critical fluid. That is, it exhibits the physical properties of both a liquid and a gas. In this state, super-critical CO2 is considered one of nature’s best and most benign solvents. Its low viscosity means it flows well with low resistance, and the almost-zero surface tension enables it to effuse through solids like a gas and dissolve materials like a liquid, thus diffusing through the microporous structure of bone matrix to efficiently and effectively remove any unwanted antigenic materials.
The tissue’s natural biomechanical properties remain undamaged as this gentle treatment process avoids using the high temperatures or harsh chemical rinses in some other processing methods. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and chemically inert, and exhibits strong virucidal properties.

The result is a clean, pure, biocompatible matrix structure with optimal osteoconductivity, which can be implanted directly to the surgical site with no carriers added and a significantly reduced risk of inflammatory response for the patient.